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Upcoming Event: July 27: Annual Korean War Armistice Commemorations. KVA Wall of Remembrance, Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton, Ontario

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History of KVA

21 years after the cease-fire in Korea, a group of Korean War veterans got together and formed a reunion committee which later developed into the Korea Veterans Association of Canada. By the end of their first year in 1974 the association had recruited 77 members; by 1978 another 430. As the years passed and more and more Korea veterans reached retirement, creating extra leisure time, membership peaked—over 4,000 members in 60-odd branches (units) across Canada. With the attrition of illness and death memberships as well as active units are now dwindling.

Unlike organizations such as the Royal Canadian Legion and peacekeeping associations, KVA cannot recruit younger veterans to maintain its numbers. To extend the life of KVA to its utmost, the General John M. Rockingham Memorial--Heritage Unit #1 was formed. When units no longer have enough members to function, membership is available in the Heritage Unit for a one-time fee. It will continue to exist as long as even only one member remains to maintain the tradition.

KVA Canada is a founding member of the International Federation of Korean War Veterans’ Associations and a member of the National Council of Veterans’ Associations in Canada. KVA successfully lobbied the Federal Government for the "Korea" service button and the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea. It organizes revisits to the Republic of Korea, hosted by the Korean Veterans Association of Seoul. In 1997, the Korea Veterans National Wall of Remembrance was dedicated in Brampton, Ontario. To assist the youth of our country, a KVA National Student Bursary program has been established.

KVA membership is open to anyone who served in Korea or Korean waters in the armed forces of a UN member country (including the Republic of Korea) between June 1950 and December 31, 1955. Members of ancillary units such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Merchant Navy that served UN Forces during the same time period are also eligible for membership.

1974-79 Clyde Bougie, CD
1979-80 Sheridan (Pat) Patterson, MMM, CD
1981-82 Albert (Lou) Plummer, CD (deceased)
1983-84 John Clarke, MC, CD (deceased)
1985-88 Rev. J. W. (Bill) McCarthy, CM, CD (deceased)
1989-90 Don Randall, CD (deceased)
1991-92 Don B. (Sam) Urquhart, CD(deceased)
1993-94 A. Gordon Ramsay (deceased)
1995-96 Henri St. Laurent, CD
1997-98 Don Flieger, CD (deceased)
1999-00 Gordon J. H. Strathy, CD
2001-02 Ken Blampied, (deceased)
2003-04 Dave Davidson, CD
2005-06 Les Peate, CD
2007-10 Terry Wickens
2011-12 John Bishop, CD
2013-14 Doug Finney
2015-16 Peter Seiersen
2017-18 Bill Campbell

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