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Upcoming Event: July 27: Annual Korean War Armistice Commemorations. KVA Wall of Remembrance, Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton, Ontario

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Canadian Forces in Korea




  1. we are going fast now i hope you all will remember us and the Korean war

  2. Thanks for everything god bless u all

  3. THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS ON THIS SITE. I am Canadian, and my father served in the Korean war as a special forces Gunny. He left 6 children at home and my mom because the army paid well. He survived the Canoe River Train Wreck, and saved the lives of fellow would-be soldiers before even attending boot camp. He returned from his tour and went on to have 5 more children of which I am the youngest. He rarely spoke about his time overseas because I think that he preferred to forget than reminisce. I respected him for that, however now that I am an adult, and my father has passed away, I am interested to know more about his time overseas. I am hoping that there is some type of a portal that I can access to find my father, his regiment and any other information that I can. Can anyone assist me in this search? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.