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Upcoming Event: July 27: Annual Korean War Armistice Commemorations. KVA Wall of Remembrance, Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton, Ontario

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Heritage Unit

The idea for the formation of a Heritage Unit was put forward as a motion and approved in 1992. Many years passed and eventually the Heritage Unit came into being.
In 2013, Corporations Canada was contacted for a Certificate of Continuence under section 211 of the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act. At the same time a name change was requested and granted on the 10th of June 2013. We officially took over from KVA National on the 27th of July 2013 in Brampton at the luncheon after the Wall of Remembrance Ceremony.
As in all new ventures there were a few "wrinkles" that needed to be ironed out. We are getting closer to being fully operational. All units within the Korea Veterans Association of Canada, (Inc.) have become Units within the Heritage Unit. There really haven't been a whole lot of changes to the way each Unit operates. There are no longer any Regions and each province that has any KVA units now has a Provincial Officer. The Provincial Officers will assist the Executive in contacting units within the provinces. The new by-laws have been approved and each unit is in receipt of a copy.
The website is being updated to reflect any changes. We hope to post the President's Message and the Secretary's Update on a quarterly basis. A Bulletin Board will be established to notify our members of major events taking place. We have some original Heritage Unit members who do not belong to any unit and therefore this will provide a means to keep them informed about the major events taking place or other pertinent information. Communication has always been a problem within KVA and hopely this at least inform a greater number of our comrades,
The Heritage Unit has three categories of members, Lifetime Charter Members (those who paid the $45.00 to belong to the Heritage Unit), Ordinary members (all other members on the unit roles) and Honourary members (selected as in the past - people who assist your unit in carrying out various tasks that in some cases our members can no longer do). If anyone wishes to still become a Lifetime Charter Member all they have to do is send the $45.00 to Dave Davidson, the Membership Chairman, and he will issue the special gold foil membership card.

A Notice of Death Certificate Is included as a PDF file. It is important that you fill these out and send to the Membership Chairman. This will allow him to maintain a more accurate Last Post file.
An application form to become a Lifetime Charter Member of the Heritage Unit is also included as a PDF file.

KVA Can. Is a member Association of the National Council of Veteran Associations In Canada and the International Federation of Korean War Veterans Associations

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