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Upcoming Event: July 27: Annual Korean War Armistice Commemorations. KVA Wall of Remembrance, Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton, Ontario


Honours & Awards

Korean War

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The Distinguished Service Star

Distinguished Service Star

The most coveted award for service in our great association. This medal is awarded to members for outstanding service above and beyond what is considered normal excellence in their duties.

Allan, William Emon, Gerry
Ash, Phillip Ferguson, Alex
Astles, Douglas Finlayson, Bob
Barjarow, John  Finney, Douglas
Bennett, Gordon  Flieger, Don
Bennett, Joseph Freeman, William
Blampied, Ken  Garbutt, Kenneth
Boddington, Ralph Gawthorn, Kenneth 
Bordeleau, Dan  Germaine, Douglas
Borsholt, Roy Hibbs, Don 
Boswell, Robert  Himes, Kenneth
Bouchard, Gaetan  Johnson, Marvin
Bougie, Clyde  Jones, Mervin
Cameron, George Kefalas, George
Carew, Robert Kelly, Herb
Caron, Jean Paul Kennedy, James
Carr, Stanley (Sam)
Linley, Robert 
Chambers, Robert Maginn, Robert J. 
Charron, Ray Masson, Real  
Clark, John Mathers, Ben
Colville, James  McCarthy, Rev William
Davidson, Dave McDow, Edward 
DeCoste, Ralph McKinny, Jim
Dolinski, John  Nicholson, Edmond
Douglas, Robert G  Osborne, John R.
Duffy, Elburn  Payne, Harold
Urquhart, Don
Van Der Rassel, Jan
Van Tassel, Norm
Whorrall, Douglas
Wickens, Terry
Williams, Don
Wilson, George 
Soper, Roly
St. Laurent, Henri
Stables, John 
Strathy, Gordon
Stubbington, Bert 
Tait, A.G.
Tobio, Wilbert Alvin

Poppy beside the name indicates deceased. 

Honours & Awards Chairman
Hugh MacKenzie
(204) 255-0071

Proper mounting order for the
Korea Veterans Association of Canada
Medals & Bars
154  MEDAL:Five Year Service Medal- Full Size $8.00
155  MEDAL:Five Year Service Medal- Miniature
156  MEDAL: 40th Anniversary Medal - full size
157  MEDAL: 40th Anniversary Medal - minituresize 5.50
158 MEDAL:Medal of Merit - full Size  8.00
159 MEDAL:Medal of Merit - miniature 
161  MEDAL:Syngman Rhee - full Size
162  MEDAL:Syngman Rhee -miniature

MEDAL:Peacekeer - full Size

NOTE:Ribbions donto come with the medals, but must be ordered sepaertely; requires 8 inches for Full Size Medals; and 5 inches for the Miniature Medals.

177 RIBBON:40th Anniversary - Full size (per inch)  $ 0.40
178 RIBBON:40th Anniversary - miniature (per inch)  0.30
179 RIBBON:Ambassador for Peace - full Size (per inch) 0.40
180 RIBBON:Ambassador for Peace - miniature (per inch) 0.30
181 RIBBON:Distinguished Service Star - F/S (per inch) 0.40
182 RIBBON:Distinguished Service Star - min (per inch) 0.30
183 RIBBON:Medal of Merit -full Size, (per inch)  0.40
184 RIBBON:Medal of Merit - miniature, (per inch)  0.30
185 RIBBON:Five Year Service Medal - F/S (per inch)  0.40
186 RIBBON: Five Year Service Medal - Min. (per inch) 0.30
187 RIBBON: Syngman Rhee, Full Size (per inch)  0.40
188  RIBBON: Syngman Rhee, Min. (per inch)  0.30

101 BAR:10 Year Service Bar-Silver $4.00
102 BAR:15 Year Service Bar-Silver 4.00
103 BAR:20 Year Service Bar-Gold 5.00
104 BAR:25 Year Service Bar-Gold 5.00
105 BAR:30 Year Service Bar-Gold 5.00
106 BAR:35 year Service Bar-Gold 5.00

108 BAR:Charter Member's Bar, Gold /White Maple Leaf 5.00
109 BAR:Bar of Merit - Gold w/word (Merit) 5.00
110 BAR:Past National President-Sliver w/ Gold M/ Leaf 6.00
111 BAR:Past Officer-Engraved (Past Officer) 5.00
112 BAR:Past Officer-Plain 4.00
113 BAR:Past Regional President- Silver w/Silver M/Leaf 6.00
114 BAR:Past Unit President -Silver w/ Red Maple Leaf 6.00
115 MINIATURE BAR: 10 Year Service Bar-Silver 2.50
116 MINIATURE BAR: 15 Year Service Bar-Silver 2.50
117 MINIATURE BAR: 20 Year Service Bar-Gold 3.00
118 MINIATURE BAR: 25 Year Service Bar-Gold 3.00
119 MINIATURE BAR: 30 Year Service Bar-Gold 3.00
120 MINIATURE BAR: 35 Year Service Bar-Gold 3.00

122 MINIATURE BAR: Bar of Merit -Gold 3.00
123 BAR:to commemorate the 60th Anniversary
124 MINIATURE BAR: to commemorate the 60th Anniversary 3.50

132 COLLAR DOG: 25th Canadian Infantary Brigade 4.50
133 COLLAR DOG: 1st. Commonwealth Division 4.50

141 KVA Certificate of "Appreciation" 2.00
142 KVA Certficate of "Merit" 2.00
All Medals will be shipped to you unmounted.
Please make cheque payable to: KVA National
When ordering your medal you must order the ribbon separately.
Order 8 inches of ribbon for the full size and 6 inches for the miniature.
Medal Mounting Service

 In addition to medal mounting, war and peacekeeping medals and ribbons are available from the Royal Canadian Regiment Kit Shop,
701 Oxford Street East, London, Ontario N5Y 4T7 . (519) 660-5332. contact@thercrkitshop.com.
Jim Wellhauser, 385 Northbrae Drive, London, Ontario N5Y 2G9. (519) 438-2623
Jason Quilliam, 308-2220 Halifax Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 2W7. (613) 864-8167.
www.medalmounting.ca. E-mail: medals@medalmounting.ca
Neathway Medal Mounting, 5316 - 59 St., Redwater, Alberta T0A 2W0. Jim Neathway, Tel. 1-780-942-3638.
E-Mail: neathway@telusplanet.net.


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